Wolfberry Bentong Ginger Tea


Ginger teas have been quite popular amongst our female friends. They know it boasts great health benefits and is good for the long run.
What makes our Wolfberry Bentong Ginger Tea the best amongst the others? After countless attempts of testing and improving, we finally developed the perfect tea blend. We start off by cherry-picking our Bentong ginger, red dates, wolf berry, longan and ginger. All without adding chemicals like ginger essence. Carefully prepping the ingredients, we soak the red dates, wolfberry and longan in warm water and then mix all the ingredients into a paste. Then, we pour the paste mix and brown sugar into a pot and cook with low heat until it caramelize. The whole process takes about 5-6 hours.
You only need 2-4 of our concentrated tea paste to make a cup of delicious ginger tea. The ginger aroma will slowly come out as our tea paste dissolves into the water. Take a sip and immerse into the taste realm of spicy ginger and sweet herbs. You’ll feel your body warm up even before you finish your cup. Add in some sweet potatoes or glutinous rice ball to make the perfect dessert, or you can add milk to make ginger milk tea!
A cup of our ginger tea a day can promote blood circulations, warm up your body and relieve menstrual cramps. It aids in skin renewal by reducing the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and promotes skin renewal & brightening with results showing after 3 months. From our first launch till today, it’s easily one of our best-selling products with continuous supports from our customers and friends.