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By Grace Dessert Bar was established back in 2013. We’ve gone from an Artisanal Dessert Place to a Health Grocery Store


I’m sure you’re all wondering why we’ve gone from an Artisanal Dessert Place to a Health Grocery Store.

BY GRACE DESSERT BAR was established back in 2013. During this period of time, we’ve put in all our hearts and made over 300 types of dessert.

In 2016, my dearest father had passed on all of a sudden. That broke us and set us straight at the same time, we’ve decided to move to another location. We could start all over!

By implementing a new concept of handmade food, we’re always out and about finding the best ingredients for you. With my father’s passing, it made us realize how important Health is. Our business time had switched from evening to afternoon. Changing our living & eating habits is tough, especially when it’s been our routine for more than 30 years. Everyone in life has setbacks, both big and small. With perseverance, we believe every little step will lead to success.

Fast forward to the year 2018, we saw a huge change in us. Thanks to our little steps, our friends and our lovely customers, our living situation had gone significantly better and healthier. We’re constantly sharing health tips with our customer-turn-friends. We believe constant sharing is what’s gonna get us more knowledgeable over time.

Time passes and we’re really happy with what we’ve achieved today. Taking all those little steps rewarded us with today. From the simple acts of getting up early to pick ingredients from the market and prepping of the ingredients, we’ve done it by ourselves.

Due to the busy lifestyle that many of us have, most of us had resorted to fast foods to fill our tummy. This can cause a lack of nutrition intake in the long run. In these few years, we’ve been discussing & researching on how to solve this problem for people living in the urban city.

We’ve always believed that making a delicious dish requires fresh ingredients, there is no shortcut. Just put in your heart and soul, and your ingredients will speak for itself. Everyone can be a master chef!

Grateful to all of you guys that have been with us along the way.

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.”

– Dalai Lama.

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